After reading this tweet by Ankur Warikoo, which mentioned

Two kinds of successful people in the world.
One, who succeeded but not sure how.
Two, who can succeed again, even if they had to do it all over again.
Success + Reflection = Replicability

I had a thought: Is Success a Matter of Luck?

Initial success can seem like luck, leaving us uncertain about our abilities. However, when we achieve success repeatedly, it becomes more than just luck—it signifies our capability and effort.

The fear of losing what was initially gained through luck often accompanies first success, creating a sense of insecurity. Yet, as we achieve success multiple times, this fear diminishes.

Confidence grows from knowing that our achievements are not merely chance occurrences but the result of our skills and dedication. This shift in mindset from luck-dependent success to confidence-based success empowers us to pursue goals without the fear of failure holding us back.