Programmer who is currently building Crowdfire.

Professional summary:

  1. Focuses on building scalable architecture.
  2. Knows when or when not to use microservices.
  3. Loves to write code in Golang but can also write in Java, Node.js & Python.
  4. I can decide whether to use SQL or NoSQL.
  5. Always prefers Strongly typed language.
  6. Understands when not to optimize code. ;)
  7. Not a DevOps guy but knows AWS, k8s, and how to scale services.

Personal summary:

  1. Loves to read books mostly non-fiction.
  2. Prefers Twitter over Facebook & Instagram.
  3. Tourist not a traveler.
  4. Minimalist.
  5. Highly organized who keeps Inbox ZERO.
  6. Believes in Anekantavada

Last updated: 9th March 2022.