DevOps guy who is currently scaling Crowdfire.

I am a product builder with 11+ years of experience in building scalable products. I have a deep understanding of how to design and implement secure and compliance-oriented infrastructure that can handle large volumes of traffic and data, including databases. I am proficient in a variety of programming languages and technologies, including Golang, Java, Python, AWS, and Kubernetes.

Professional summary:

  1. Currently DevOps guy and previously worked on the backend which scaled to millions of users.
  2. Focuses on building scalable architecture.
  3. Knows when or when not to use microservices.
  4. Loves to write code in Golang but can also write in Java, Node.js & Python.
  5. I can decide whether to use SQL or NoSQL.
  6. Always prefers Strongly typed language.
  7. Understands when not to optimize code. ;)
  8. Knows AWS, K8s, and scaling servers to handle billions of requests in a day.

Personal summary:

  1. Loves to read books mostly non-fiction.
  2. Prefers Twitter over Facebook & Instagram.
  3. Tourist not a traveler.
  4. Minimalist.
  5. Highly organized who keeps Inbox ZERO.
  6. Believes in Anekantavada

Last updated: 26th Nov 2023.