Why everyone should use todo apps.

I am using the todo app as my place to dump my thought. I believe the brain has very limited space and we should not store all the unnecessary stuff in the brain instead we can write somewhere. So for dumping my thoughts I use the todo app.

Your brain is to be used to comprehend and process. Don’t waste it on trying to remember to-do lists - Ankur Warikoo

I have everything in my to-do app, shopping list, office tasks, pay bill related recurring tasks almost everything on my to-do app.

I keep the to-do app on all the devices. I use the web, desktop and Android apps.

There are lots of ways you can use todo app

  • WhatsApp group: You can create a WhatsApp group with anyone and once the group is created then remove 2nd person from the group. Now you have a place where you can quickly dump your ideas, todo items and photos
  • You use todo apps like todoist, ticktick and other todo apps.