What is Nationalism? What does it mean to be patriotic?

  • To be a Good Citizen
  • To pay all your taxes
  • To obey all the rules
  • To stop on that red light
  • To not indulge in corruption
  • To work towards building the nation

More often than not, we fail to behave as responsible citizens of the nation.

So what do we think patriotism is instead?

  • To blindly follow our politicians
  • To hate all other nations
  • To believe every fake news
  • that makes us proud of our nation
  • To not question any decision taken by leaders of this nation

Patriotism isn’t just about thumping your chest and shouting slogans, it is something much more inherent and involves all those things that help in building a nation.

PS: Copied from @PrateekShah facebook (link: https://www.facebook.com/prateekshah/posts/10161535493935471)