Now its high time to think beyond the culture, caste, tradition, country, community and religious customs. Now its time to update yourself according to the time. If we have to progress we have to live in present. You can learn from past but remember it is past & in some cases it not relevant to the present or future.

Also, I am not saying we don’t have to follow our traditions but we don’t have to follow because our parents & ancestors doing. Now its time to put logical thinking & ask “why are we doing this?” to our parents or society.

I feel most of the time we are doing all this illogical thing because of society & “4 log kya kahenge” pressure.

Who is this society? We are the society & if don’t bring any change we will going to pass this society to our future generation.

It is good to have a discussion about the different caste, culture, tradition ..etc. But doing a violence in form physical or mental to prove your point is not a good idea. Non-violence is the highest moral virtue (अहिंसा परमॊ धर्मः)

Remeber: The Only Constant in Life is Change

PS: kafi bada post ho gaya hai.. kuch aur bhi likhna tha .. shayad agli post.

*** Do the right thing***