So yesterday our cool community manager Sneha started one campaign #TeamTuseday on our Justunfollow twitter account in which she has to featured one of our teammate at every Tuesday.

I am the first one who got featured in #TeamTuesday :)

But in this the most interesting thing i realized is that she did very good r&d before putting tweets. She noticed very small small things. Awesome Sneha :)

Do you want to know more about me ? Check below tweets ;)

**Tweet 1: Morning gyan ;)**

Remember, a bend in the road is not the end of the road. Keep going! ~ daily inspiration by @deepak365 #TeamTuesday

— JustUnfollow (@justunfollow) January 20, 2015

**Tweet 2: My Intro**

Say hi to @Deepak365 our backend dev who is busy in making a cool analytics tool @EagleEyeApp #TeamJU #TeamTuesday

— JustUnfollow (@justunfollow) January 20, 2015

**Tweet 3: My Book Recommendations . Very true**

Have u read Who Moved My Cheese? If u’ve @deepak365 recommends The Present to be your next read. #TeamTuesday #TeamJU

— JustUnfollow (@justunfollow) January 20, 2015

**Tweet 4: Code. Books. Tea.**

You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me. -C. S. Lewis (@deepak365 loves tea and books) #TeamTuesday #TeamJU

— JustUnfollow (@justunfollow) January 20, 2015

**Tweet 5: ***Programmer*****

Compare & contrast ur Twitter strategies with ur competitors & overtake them using @EagleEyeApp, @deepak365 is here to help you out with it!

— JustUnfollow (@justunfollow) January 20, 2015

**Tweet 6: Office wala gyan ;) :P**

All you need is determination to be an awesome instagramer, your phone camera is secondary! ~ @deepak365 #TeamTuesday

— JustUnfollow (@justunfollow) January 20, 2015

**Tweet 7: Last tweet for now - Happy New Year**

This year Don’t set goal. Install new habits. #reminder Why ? Ans: Daily progress. Large impact. - @deepak365 #TeamTuesday #TeamJU

— JustUnfollow (@justunfollow) January 20, 2015