Me : Facebook annouced “Facebook for work” Friend : IMO google surely missed this kind of opportunity by making half-baked products like hangout or google wave. Me : Yup

For work we need = email + chat + project management + file sharing + document editing + social networking

So google is offering almost everything. **Lets check…** :

###1. Email service : Google apps You can use google email for your company domain. **Plus Points** :

  1. Easy to setup.
  2. Calendar
  3. Works with gmail.

###2. Chat for work : Google Hangout You can use hangout with company email id.

**Plus Point** : Video conferencing

**Minus Points** :

  1. No native desktop client
  2. No Feature to integrate 3rd party plugins.

**Better apps available in market**:

  1. Slack
  2. Hipchat

###3. Todo for managing project : Google keep Google keep is a todo app from the google but with its latest update which can easily predict that they wanted to build something which works with collaborations. So they are trying to build todo for teams?

**Negative Points** :

  1. Very basic todo
  2. No project management

**Better apps available in market** :

  1. Trello
  2. Asana
  3. Wunderlist

###4. Document / Photo sharing /Editing : Google drive **Plus Point** : Document editing on cloud. **Competitor** : Dropbox / box

###5. Social networking : Google plus Social networking within a company . They need to build “google plus for work “. **Competitor** : Yammer.

**My Opinion** : So google is offering almost everything but some product are half-baked . Google has to work on chat , todo , social networking to complete its suite for work.

*Your suggestions on comment*