What is Trello ?

Trello is a free web-based project management application made by Fog Creek Software.

Why we need project management tool ?

  1. Tracking the progress.

  2. Everybody is in sync while working from remote location too.

  3. It helps to get the detail of task why we have done this in past. Also if we stick to one todo then it is helpful otherwise everything get lost.

How can we use Trello efficiently.

  1. Don’t make generic task (for example if you create a card Shopping it is not useful ) Breakdown your task as small as possible. (Make card of items need to purchase )

  2. Filter board with your cards only. (forget about others card :P :P doesn’t matter )
    As we are working in team then you need to filter card where your are mentioned.

  3. In “In Progress” list keep task which you are going to do today only.

  4. Try to put due date ( this is for just reminder for yourself )

Tips to use it on daily bases : We need to make this habit.

Below two steps are less than 10 minutes task ( 5 min each)

  1. Before start your work move all required card into “In progress”.

  2. Before leaving office review “In Progress” list and make it empty.( When you make list empty i am sure you will feel very satisfied and more energetic )

No need to remember just keep reminder in your mobile ( 2 reminder required for example in my case Morning 9:40 am and Evening 7:15 pm ) . If we do this for a 30-45 days then it became habit and may be we don’t require mobile reminder.

Remember : “Change is hard at the beginning messy in the middle gorgeous at the end”.
Also from last 2 moths i am following these (for different TODO app) steps so my experience says it works.

Benefits of having TODO:

  1. We are more focused.

  2. More Productive. ( as we are clearly aware what we are going to do )

  3. Stress free. (If we keep todo we are keeping out the random thoughts from our mind. BTW our mind is like a RAM so keep only the task which we are doing currently. Other task should be in Hard-disk ( TODO list ) :P :P ) .