What is Quantal Quetzal ?

This is the latest version of Ubuntu to be released today i.e. 18 Oct ‘12. This release has been named after one of the species of Central American birds. As a matter of fact, all the Ubuntu versions have been named after the names of birds. For instance, you may notice that the previous version i.e. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS was named as Precise Pangolin which is also the name of a Central American bird.

Why is it 12.10  ?The naming convention of Ubuntu is based on its release year and release month. Now, this release is Ubuntu 12.10, so in this “12” i.e. the first two digits indicate the release year and “10” i.e. the last two digits indicate the release month. Another interesting fact about Ubuntu releases is that every year it is released twice only in April and October. So, the last two digits will always be .04 and .10.
What are the Top 10 Features of Ubuntu 12.10?

Download linkhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/12.10/

Video source  : OMG!Ubuntu .