1.  Boot the system and select the media that you’ll use to boot the Red Hat Enterprise . Linux 6 installation program i.e. HARD DRIVE OR REMOVABLE DEVICE.

  1. Choose 1st option :* To install or upgrade in graphical mode press key.

  2. Choose a language and select OK
  3. A block saying “ Installation Method” will appear. Which says “What type of media contains the package to be installed”. Choose option : HARD DRIVE

5.Now in  “Select Partition”  choose partition say  “/dev/sda1”  and below on label  “Directory holding image” There are image files install.img and product.img are extracted while pendrive is made bootable. Installation process itself takes path of install.img, if not then give this path.

 6. After this you will be asked to specify the drive where you want to install linux on your hardisk. For this double click on the name of drive it will shift on used partition. Also it will be showing name of pendrive so select that also.

7. After this simply follow the steps by creating free space. In this delete the selected partition in which u want to install redhat 6.

  1. Go back and choose option of use free space

  2. Here the important point is ADDING PARTITION create standard or extended partition of fixed size 100MB

  3. After this the installation will start and you will be asked to give label name for redhat. By default it will be displayed as RedHat Enterprise Linux ServerAlso if any other OS which is already installed n u wanna run with this then can specify its drive here only.

The whole process will take 18 to 20 minutes depending upon your processor.

 NOTE: If there is any mistake or any step did not work , please let me know via comment or mail.