The Unity Launcher is nifty for many reasons – the way it hides, the way you can drag file types on to the launcher to open up in an appropriate app, etc.The following ‘app’ by reader Vincent makes it niftier still by adding a ‘drag and drop’ Imageshack uploader to your launcher line-up…Imageshack uploader for Unity launcher“I thought it would be handy if there was an  icon in the launcher that you could drop an image on, which would then be uploaded to, and would give you the link for easy sharing.” said Vincent in his mail to us.“I didn’t know how to do shell programming and the like so the following is a result of some Googling – most likely a lot of people know a lot of ways to improve this. However, it works for me and is a good demonstration of the idea.”The idea certainly sounds handy, as well as being quicker in use than a Nautilus script. But does it work? If you’re using Ubuntu 11.04 already you can try it for yourselves suing Vincent’s instructions below.### Download

First download the shell script – @ – and make it executable. Alternatively this can be done via the Terminal with the following command:* wget –directory-prefix=/tmp –default-page=imgupload && chmod +x /tmp/imgupload && sudo mv /tmp/imgupload /usr/bin

Then you need to download the .desktop-file @ Once you’ve got that, you simply need to drag the file to your launcher, and an icon of an ‘Up’ arrow will be added to the launcher. It’s upon this which you can drop an image and see the magic happen!